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English Language Trainer - Worldwide via Skype

English Language Trainer

English Language Trainer - For teachers or wannabe teachers

English language training for anyone who wishes to become a language teacher.
No experience, no university degrees, nor TEFL needed.
If you are fluent in English and would like to become an English language teacher,
I can train you for this pourpose in 4 hours.

If you are already an English language teacher but are aiming to change your
specific branch of teaching to another one, for example you now teach basic English
at a language school but would like to teach business English.
Or if you teach sepcific language course books but want to move on to teach
different language books course.
I can train you for this purpose in 4 hours .

English Language Trainer - For students

If you need to learn English for any specific purpose,
university English, engineering English, business English, conversation English.
Or you need to improve your English for your job so as to get a better job / position,
I can train you for this purpose in half the time anyone else can.

Doctors, Nurses and Dentists

I also teach medical English, nursing English and dentistry English.
Many of my clients are for example doctors from Taiwan, Malaysia, Africa, who are emigrating to
Canada, the USA, the UK, and need to learn medical English language in their specialization.
Or nurses who wish to get a beter paid job in English speaking countries.
I started teaching medical English 9 years ago - and via Skype was one of the first worldwide to do this.

Contacts and Prices

My name is Pete Sinclaire, the REAL and new breed of English Language Trainers.
I'm English and besides English I also speak fluent: German, Italian, Neapolitan, Spanish and Czech
and I am specialised in every kind and type of English language training under the sun.
Business English, Medical English, Technical / technologies English, Engineering English,
English literature English, training people to become language teachers, Nursing English
political science English, conversational English, A level / high school / maturita English.
You name it - I train it. And you will learn.

All lessons are via Skype and each lesson is a One on One lesson.
Just you and me.

Contact me for a free consultancy chat via Skype for us both to find out
your exact needs. And then get a free 30 minute Skype lesson too.

Feel free to email me your Skype contact, date and time for our chat.
Or just contact me via email and we can take it from there.

Contact ELT teachers

Pete Sinclaire

Prices - further down.



Prices start from:
15 Euro [ 16.5 us dollars / 380 czk / ]
also 500 pesetas { just kidding }
for general English
28 Euro [ 31 us dollars / 720 czk ] for medical English

Get in touch for all and any information you may need and we can even haggle or barter about the price.

I accept payments via:
Credit Card, Paypal, Bank transfer.
Invoices are issued for each payment.